Sunday, April 30, 2006

What’s In A "Domain" Name? Ask Max Barry

HT to TwistImage for pointing me in the direction of this post.

Max Barry, in his post titled, I, Nerd, actually crosses the line of reason when faced with the task of naming his next child. His question? "I wonder if the domain name is available?"

I must confess, Max, that if I'd have been deeper in to this 'domain-thing' 12 years ago when we started bringing baby-Smith's in to the world, I too might have stooped to such extremes. But since we have 5 children, it's probably a good thing we weren't so domain-savvy. I fear we'd have children named the likes of Blogfor Money Smith, and Blogging Stocks Smith.

Sure, both domains are taken today, but 12 years ago?

Max, maybe you aren't so crazy after all.


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