Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Blogging Domains For Sale: http://www.worldwariblog.com

Blogging Domains For Sale

Bidding opens at: $50

Doughmain: http://www.WORLDWARIBLOG.com

Bidding will ensue in auction-fashion and will remain open until buyer & seller agree on a final price. Should you wish to make a "Buy Now" bid, please indicate in your email that your price is final.

Please email all bids/inquires to: blogdomains@gmail.com

The First World War, or (before 1939) the Great War, was a world conflict lasting from August 1914 to the final Armistice on November 11, 1918. The Allied Powers (led by the United Kingdom, France and until 1917 Russia, and, after 1917, the United States) defeated the Central Powers (led by the German Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Ottoman Empire). The war caused the collapse of four empires and a radical change in the map of Europe and the Middle East. Before 1917 the Allied powers are sometimes referred to as the Triple Entente, and the Central Powers are sometimes referred to as the Triple Alliance.

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