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Blogging Domain for Sale:

Blogging Domains For Sale

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The term bloom can refer to the following things:
Bloom is the name for an unconsolidated mass of iron metal, mixed with remains of slag and charcoal that is produced in the 'bloomery' process, i.e. reduction of iron metal from terrestrial ores by smelting.
Blooming soccer club and academy from Santa Cruz - Bolivia.
Bloom (novel) is a science fiction novel by Wil McCarthy.
Bloom (store) is supermarket concept store run by Food Lion.
Blooming (laser) is an effect of laser beams and particle beams in air. See Directed-energy weapon#Blooming
Bloom is the general expression describing the aesthetic experience of one or more flowers on a flowering plant. Also used as a metaphor for young people at the peak of their beauty or health.
A bloom can be a large swarm (or "smack") of jellyfish.
A 2004 movie based on James Joyce's novel Ulysses.
A bloom is also the name for a section of steel, with the dimensions of 630mm wide, 400mm high and 6m long. Compare with billet and slab.
The phenomenon of algal bloom.
Bloom (shader effect) is a graphics effect used in modern 3D computer games.
Bloom on fruit such as plums or grapes is visible as a white or bluish covering. Once thought to be wild yeast cells, it is now known to be waxy coverings to the epithelial cells of the fruit, presumably intended to provide some protection from environmental damage.
Bloom filter which is a probalistic method to find a subset of a given set
Bloom: Remix Album is an album by Sarah McLachlan.

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