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Blogging Domains for Sale:

Blogging Domains For Sale

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (baptised as Joannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart; January 27, 1756December 5, 1791) is among the most significant and enduringly popular composers of European classical music.

Mozart was born in Salzburg, the capital of the archbishopric of Salzburg, Austria, then part of the Holy Roman Empire, to Leopold and Anna Maria Pertl Mozart. His only sibling was older sister Maria Anna, nick-named Nanerl, Leopold's and Anna Maria's only other child to survive past birth. Mozart was baptized the day after his birth at St. Rupert's Cathedral.

His enormous output includes works that are widely acknowledged as pinnacles of symphonic, chamber, piano, operatic, and choral music. Many of his works are part of the standard concert repertory and are widely recognized as masterpieces of the classical style.

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