Saturday, May 06, 2006

Blogging Domains For Sale:

Blogging Domains For Sale

Category: Employment > Staffing > Healthcare > Nursing > Registered Nurse > RN

Bidding opens at: $250

Bidding will ensue in auction-fashion and will remain open until buyer & seller agree on a final price. Should you wish to make a "Buy Now" bid, please indicate in your email that your price is final.

Please email all bids and/or inquiries to:

Registered Nurses are professional nurses who often supervise the tasks performed by Licensed Practical Nurses, orderlies, medical assistants and nursing assistants. They provide direct care and make decisions regarding plans of care for individuals and groups of healthy, ill and injured people.Some nurses may have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, which makes specialising in fields such as psychiatry (psychiatric nurse) or anaesthesiology more feasible, but in many states the Associate of Science in Nursing is the entry-level degree for those entering the profession. Regardless of degree, they have many hours of clinical experience.Much research has shown that RNs are the first-line defense of hospitalized patients against disability or death from infection, cardiopulmonary arrest, and other serious complications. Higher ratios of Registered Nurses to patients has been shown to decrease certain complications of illness including death in patients.

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